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September 28th, 2023 3:56 PM

The 10 Oregon MSAs for Home Price Growth by July 2024

Looking at Metropolitan Statistical Areas (MSAs) in Oregon, we can identify the top 10 areas projected to experience home price growth by July 2024:

  1. Ontario, OR: Expected to see a significant growth of 11.9% by July 2024, showcasing robust potential for this MSA.
  2. La Grande, OR: Anticipated to experience growth with a projected increase of 7.4%, indicating positive market dynamics.
  3. Klamath Falls, OR: Projected to witness growth with a forecasted increase of 7.1%, reflecting a resilient market.
  4. Bend, OR: Expected to maintain growth momentum with a projected 7% increase in home prices.
  5. Coos Bay, OR: Projected to see steady growth, with a forecasted increase of 7% in home prices.
  6. Hermiston, OR: Anticipated to experience moderate growth, with a projected increase of 6.8%, showcasing stability.
  7. Prineville, OR: Expected to maintain its growth trend, with a projected 6.8% increase in home prices.
  8. Astoria, OR: Projected to witness steady growth, with a forecasted increase of 6.7% in home prices.
  9. Newport, OR: Expected to experience growth with a projected increase of 6.6%, indicating positive market conditions.
  10. Roseburg, OR: Projected to continue its upward trajectory with a growth of 6.3%, reflecting a resilient local market.

The Oregon housing market demonstrates varying dynamics across its MSAs, with some areas projected to experience notable growth while others maintain stability. Despite the decrease in average home value over the past year, the projected growth in select areas points toward a potential rebound. These insights can guide potential buyers and sellers in making informed decisions based on their preferences and goals, and keeping an eye on these projected trends can provide valuable insights into the trajectory of Oregon's real estate market in the coming months.

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